The Parc Industriel de Clermont is accessible by a road and railway network, harbour installations, as well as an airport.

Road 138, Highway 40’s natural extension, is the transportation network linking Québec City to the north coast.

One of the park’s assets is the Pointe-au-Pic harbour whose installations will be improved due to a consolidation and development program. The Pointe-au-Pic pier is a newsprint transhipment meeting point for foreign markets.

Since 1997, the airport is a property of the MRC de Charlevoix-Est.  important renovations in 2003-2004 at a cost of 7 million dollars have resulted in the renovation of the landing strip, aircraft runway and parking installations as well as the construction of e new air4 terminal.

The rail network, Chemin de Fer Charlevoix (CFC), links Clermont to Québec City and serves the Pointe-au-Pic harbour greatly facilitates the transportation of merchandise.