Economical catalysts

Numerous organizations contribute to the economical and social vitality of the city of Clermont not to mention the region’s important municipalities. Here is a sample listing:

City of Clermont
The City of Clermont is nestled alongside Road 138 and la Rivière Malbaie. Il gradually extends into a naturally mountainous region and offers a healthy and pleasant quality of life to its cicizens as well as a reasonable tax rate. Several subsidy programs are available to both entrepreneurs and investors. The city possesses an integrated civil security plan whose objective is to protect its territory, property and civil citizens.

Société d’aide au développement de la collectivité (SADC) de Charlevoix
This organization's mission is to contribute to community development through project initiation, in consultation with the development partners as well as offering financial and technical support in the creation and maintenance of jobs and business opportunities. The Société d’aide au développement de la collectivité (SADC) de Charlevoix is a non-profit organization in partnership with the Economic Development Agency of  Canada.

Centre local de développement
The CLD of the MRC de Charlevoix-Est offers technical support for the start-up, consolidation and development of small and average sis businesses. It also manages specific governmental programs and disposes of an integrated budget that finances activities pertaining to investment and social economy.  It manages development funds.

MRC de Charlevoix-Est
The role of thi organization is to promote, consolidate and support the development of industries and businesses.  It reunites several economic players vhose purpopse is to foster business in the region. 

Charlevoix Chamber of Commerce
The Charlevoix Chamber of Commerce is a reflection of the region’s vitality. It collaborates with organizations and governing bodies to defend the interests of its members, promote decision-making, foster exchanges between the economic players of its milieu and contribute to the region's economical development.

Emploi Québec
Our branches, the local employment centres (CLE), constitute a vast network whose mission is to assist, inform and advise employers.


Minister of Economic Development, Innovation and Export Trade embodies the sum total of governmental programs and services offered to businesses implemented in Quebec.